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CV. Mitra Nusantara, Adalah Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang distributor peralatan Laboratorium monitoring lingkungan dan kesehatan kerja


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27 / 12 / 2023
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Dengan hormat, kami adalah perusahaan swasta nasional yang bergerak dibidang distributor serta supilier peralatan laboratorium Kualitas Lingkungan udara, diantaranya produk brand : Staplex, E Instrument, Kitagawa, Shinagawa,, Nova Gas dan EDC



Alat Laboratorium Lingkungan

Staplex® CKHV and CKHV810 Calibration 
Kits for Model TFIA, TFIA-2, TFIA-4 
Series High Volume Air Samplers 

Assures accurate sampling
• US E.P.A prescribed method
• Fast, affordable procedure
• Portable and compact
• Available for use with two sizes of filter holder assemblies
• Carrying/Storage case included • Made in U.S.A. 

Standard Models 
Model CKHV - used with 4" diameter Filter Holder 
Size: 6-1/4 " (38.1 cm) long Calibration Orifice 
Unit Weight: 1-1/2-lbs. (0.7 Kg); Packed weight: 7-lbs. (3.2 kg.) 
Model CKHV810 - used with 4" diameter or 8" x 10" Filter Holder (pictured above)
Size: 9-1/4" x 12" (23.5 x 30,5 cm) adapter, 6-1/4" (38.1 m) long Calibration Orifice 
Unit weight 4-lbs. (1.8 kg); Packed weight: 9-1/2-lbs. (4.3 kg) 


The Staplex® Model CKHV and Model CKHV810 High Volume Calibration Kits are designed for use with Staplex® Model TFIA, TFIA-2 and TFIA-4 High Volume Air Samplers and allied instruments. The Calibration Kit offers a fast and affordable calibration procedure that maximizes the accuracy of all air sampling results by calculating the true flow rate of a particular High Volume Air Sampler. 

Model CKHV High Volume Calibration Kit is used with High Volume Air Samplers equipped with 4 inch (10.16 cm) diameter Filter Holder Assembly and includes a Calibration Orifice prescribed for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a water manometer, a series of resistance plates, and a carrying case. Model CKHV810 additionally includes an 8 inch by 10 inch (20.32 cm X 25.40 cm) Adapter for use in calibrating whenever 8" x 1 0" Filter Holder Assemblies are used on the Air Samplers. Model CKHV81 0 can also calibrate while such samplers are mounted in a Staplex® SAM Aluminum Outdoor Shelter or similar shelter. Special 8" X 10" Adapter is available separately as Part No. AD810 Adapter and can convert Model CKHV to calibrate Samplers using 8" X 10" Filter Holders. Similarly, removal of Adapter from Model CKHV810 allows calibration of Samplers using 4" diameter Filter Holders. 

Principle of Operation  

The Calibration Orifice and manometer unit are factory calibrated on a Standard Positive Displacement Rotary Type Meter, The airflow vs. static pressure data are used to plot an Orifice Calibration Curve, which is furnished with each Staplex® Calibration Kit.

The water manometer is center-mounted between columns to eliminate parallax, and has a sliding zero adjustment. The vinyl-plastic columns and spring steel scale are flexible for easy carrying and will withstand rough use. 

The Calibration Orifice connects directly to the High Volume Air Sampler or onto the 8" x I0" Adapter. One leg of the water manometer connects to the pressure tap of the Calibration Orifice and the other leg remains open to the atmosphere.

Using this arrangement, the High Volume Air Sampler is run at different but constant airflows for 5 minutes each to simulate the resistance of filters varying from clean to saturated. The different constant airflows are obtained by simply placing the resistance plates, one at a time, between the Calibration Orifice and the High Volume Air Sampler to be calibrated. The manometer water pressure is converted to Actual flow rate using the curve supplied with the Staplex® Model CKHV. The Flowmeter (rotometer) reading is also recorded on the data sheet. Using these data, a custom calibration curve is plotted. This curve is the direct reference to obtain the true flow rate of the High Volume Air Sampler. 

Calibration Recommendations  

Staplex® High Volume Air Samplers should be calibrated in this manner when first purchased, after every motor or brush change, anytime the Flowmeter (rotometer) is replaced or adjusted, anytime a one-point audit check deviates more than ± 7% from the custom calibration curve, or at least every six months. U.S. EPA states that users should calibrate the Flowmeters on High Volume Air Samplers at least once a year. 


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